What We Offer


What We Offer

ropes Course

We bring challenge to you

Looking for the ultimate team challenge? We can bring the full effect of a Low Ropes Challenge Course to any venue, anywhere, anytime. IMBUE has enough equipment and experience for over 200 hours of team experiences varying in difficulty and activity level.


Learn your team's dynamics

Is your team interested in taking one of the many personality assessment inventories available? IMBUE is trained to interpret and facilitate workshops on the results of the most popular inventories including StrengthsQuest and DiSC Assessment.

Customized Workshops

Topics tailored to your team

Is your team in need of specialized training. Our a la carte workshops can be designed specifically for you, including:
    -  Effective Communication
    -  Conflict Management
    -  Public Speaking & Storytelling
    -  Many, many more...


Take your team next level

If it is time for that annual retreat and you are not sure how to maximize your time, look no further. Let IMBUE construct your schedule to ensure maximum impact and the best use of your time. These concentrated retreat experiences will help your team evolve to the next level. 

Ropes Course Facilitators

Trained Course Facilitators

Do you have a ropes course location in mind but they do not provide their own facilitation staff? IMBUE has a network of fully trained and vetted high and low element ropes course facilitators. We ensure the safe and proper use of any and all ropes course equipment.


Let us help you plan

Are you trying to put together a team building session and don't know how to make the most of your time? IMBUE provides consultation services for organizations looking to run an internal training. We can help put the right thing in the right order for the right impact.


Mobile Ropes Course Facilitation

Mobile Ropes Course Facilitation

Mobile Low Ropes Course

Our equipment, our facilitators, your venue

A quintessential team building experience for many groups will take place at a Ropes Course facility.  A quality Ropes Course program can be just what a team needs to increase productivity and morale. However, booking a facility can be expensive when considering the cost for rental, facilitators, travel, and time spent off site.  

The IMBUE solution: Let the Ropes Course come to you!

IMBUE is fully prepared to bring an exceptional Low Ropes Course experience to you wherever you may need it to be. If you have a venue, we have the equipment and expertise to provide dozens of hours of world class team building fun. Stay on site and temporarily turn a meeting room on the top floor of your building into a retreat center. Or walk outside and morph a courtyard into an outdoor challenge course. Our staff will set up and break down the equipment with no impact on your facility and leave no trace of where we have been.


ropes course facilitators

You booked the course, we bring the staff

Perhaps you have already booked your staff retreat at a ropes course in the area, but, they do not provide their own staff or their staff is not available for the time you have in mind. IMBUE can provide you with professionally trained staff for both high and low ropes elements. Let us work with your venue to confirm what equipment is available for use and how we can put it to use for your team. 


Personality Inventories

Personality Inventories

Some of the best training comes from some of the best research on communication preferences and patterns of behavior. Some of this research has been modualized into easy to take assessment inventories that are available to any group looking for guidance. However, finding a facilitator to help make sense of your group's results can be challenging. Fortunately, IMBUE boasts qualified and certified trainers for the following inventory modules:


Strengths Quest

The StrengthsFinder Assessment is part of The Gallup Group's StrengthsQuest research into high level behavioral performance. Breaking down exceptional behavior into 34 easily identifiable 'strengths,' this module helps to determine what your group does best and how you can mobilize those talents.



The DiSC Assessment is used by many high performing organizations to help them identify the prevalence of different tendencies of group members. DiSC helps you to understand your tenancies toward dominance, influence, conscientiousness, and steadiness and how that will impact group performance.


Customized Workshops

Customized Workshops

Customized training

the training you need tailored to your team

If your team needs a workshop on a specific topic or area of concern, IMBUE has experience providing specialized training on a variety of topics. As with all of our training programs, these customized workshops are highly interactive, uniquely tailored to your group's learning goals, and intentionally designed to achieve your desired outcomes. Workshop topics include:

Effective Communication

Your personal brand of communication is a key to success. Being able to explore how to best communicate among your team can bring about new levels of productivity.

Conflict Management

All teams run into conflict from time to time. This workshop's purpose is to ensure your conflict does not have permanent repercussions for your organization.

Public Speaking & Storytelling

Public speaking an essential skill in many lines of work and one that should be developed. IMBUE fuses practical public speaking skills with storytelling for a truly unique workshop experience.

Values Assessment

Motivating a team becomes easier to manage when the team is aware of each others' core values. We help managers and teammates understand the impact of their values.

SWOT Analysis

An age old classic with a few new twists. IMBUE can help your team identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats during times of change or new ventures. 

Communication Management

Communication is an essential skill for any team. Our workshop techniques offer several ways to explore styles of communication and how to manage expectations.

Time Management

Time makes fools of us all. It can be challenging to ensure you are making the most of your team's time. This workshop discusses skills that will improve time bound productivity.

Ethical Leadership

Ethical decision making is a consistent challenge for organization leaders. This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to understand their own worldview and that of their teammates.

Transitional Leadership

When it is time to transition to new management, morale and productivity are the first casualties of change. This workshop bridges the gap between new leadership and the existing team.

Simulation Training

Using immersive simulation modules offers experiential understand of complex concepts. IMBUE offers the following simulation experiences:

- The Marshmallow Challenge™ - Collaboration Simulation
- BaFa BaFa™ - Diversity Cross Cultural Simulation
- Star Power™ - Diversity and Power Simulation
- Colourblind™ - Communication Simulation
- Cardboard Canoes - Team Effectiveness Simulation


Evo Retreats

Evo Retreats

evo retreats

Take your team away, give them a unique experience

A properly timed and executed retreat can be the difference between a year of mediocre performance and a year of inspired productivity. The problem is that most retreats are uninspiring, unfun, or just plain BORING. 

Not Evo Retreats from IMBUE. 

At IMBUE, the focus of our retreats is the lasting impact of the experience. We call them Evo retreats because we expect our participants to EVOLVE beyond simple growth.  We expect our participants to truly transform into a better version of themselves, and by doing so, take their team to the next level of performance.

Our retreat programs can last anywhere from a day up to a week and they are focused entirely on your team's needs and how we can tailor our methods to achieve your goals. We can infuse your essential training programs into our immersive design techniques in order to create a memorable and difference making experience for your team. 


Training Consultation

Training Consultation

Training Consultation

Training design is our job, not yours

Many managers find themselves in a challenging situation when planning their next training program or organization retreat. It can be tough for any event planner or manager to create an engaging yet informative program that is worth the time of your membership. The challenge is that most managers are not workshop facilitators or experiential learning experts.

Fortunately, we are.

IMBUE was founded and is staffed by professional educators. We take pride in our highly intentional and well informed experiential education design techniques that take advantage of current best practice, tried and true methods, and an extensive knowledge base of activities and how they can be applied. Let our award winning designers work for you, not to execute, but to assist with any or every part of the design process. 

Inquire about setting up a virtual or in-person training design consultation.