evo retreats

Take your team away, give them a unique experience

A properly timed and executed retreat can be the difference between a year of mediocre performance and a year of inspired productivity. The problem is that most retreats are uninspiring, unfun, or just plain BORING. 

Not Evo Retreats from IMBUE. 

At IMBUE, the focus of our retreats is the lasting impact of the experience. We call them Evo retreats because we expect our participants to EVOLVE beyond simple growth.  We expect our participants to truly transform into a better version of themselves, and by doing so, take their team to the next level of performance.

Our retreat programs can last anywhere from a day up to a week and they are focused entirely on your team's needs and how we can tailor our methods to achieve your goals. We can infuse your essential training programs into our immersive design techniques in order to create a memorable and difference making experience for your team.