IMBUE boasts a robust and highly qualified network of trainers, facilitators, and educators along the east coast from Washington DC to Boston and everywhere in between. Each facilitator is vetted and dedicated to upholding the highest standards in experiential education and group dynamics facilitation.

IMBUE is based just outside of Philadelphia. Our staff has the capability of bringing exciting team development programs to your venue anywhere on the east coast and will travel to meet your needs.

Take a minute to meet our founder and owner:


Chelsea Bissonnette


Individualization - Relator - Input
Analytical - Strategic

ENFJ-  Gold/Blue-  iDSC

Action movie buff and Gordon Ramsay admirer. 
Aspiring world traveler and expert happy hour planner.

Degrees in Organizational Leadership and Communication Management with profound knowledge and experience in leadership theory and best practices. Full time Learning & Development specialist and curriculum developer.

Ryan bissonnette

Lead Facilitator

Woo - Communication - Positivity
Arranger - Context

ENFP-  Orange/Blue-  iDCS

Self identified nerd and beard aficionado.
Craft beer enthusiast and New England sports fanatic!

Doctoral student in Design of Learning Environments with a decade and over 2200 hours of leadership training,
challenge course facilitation, and group dynamics development experience at your service.