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Over the last few years, Ryan has been training our diverse group of 50 international student leaders as orientation volunteers for the International Student Orientation. Ryan is as easy to work with as he is patient and communicative. He is well-prepared for his sessions and we love that he tailors his training plans based on the our needs. We could not be happier with the strong teams he has helped us build. Highly recommended!
— Lauren Tong, Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs, Rutgers University
After hiring Ryan to facilitate a StrengthsQuest workshop during a staff retreat, I knew that we would be asking him back again. The students could not stop talking for weeks about much they enjoyed the training! We were lucky enough to bring him back again to address some group tension and I was so impressed with his ability to engage with all of the students, validate their experiences, and help them process their feelings. We are already planning the next workshop!
— Brady Root, Office of Violence Prevention and Vicitm Assistance, Rutgers University
When it comes to interpersonal development, Ryan does more than give his participants and listeners the tools to succeed. Instead, he gives them the ability to find their true passion by inspiring them to take control of the life they want to live. Ryan doesn’t just speak or facilitate. He participates and walks side-by-side on a personal journey with each and every participant, which in some cases may be easier said then done.
— Justin Felisko, Former Participant and Colleague
Ryan brings clarity to complex topics. While facilitating several exercises at a Johnson & Johnson leadership conferences, Ryan brought energy the moment he stood in front of the room. His work addressed creativity with intention and purpose. The participants left the experience inspired; with a renewed sense on how to tackle life’s opportunities with collaboration, exploration, and grit. I highly recommend him and his work.
— Bryan Fontanetta, HR Professional and Former Participant