[ im - byoo ] = (v.) to permiate or inspire with skill,emotion,
knowledge, or other lasting quality



[ im - byoo ] = (v.) to permiate or inspire with skill,emotion,
knowledge, or other lasting quality


Build a better team

You’re better than you are currently and it’s time you realize your potential. Better Group Dynamics can impact productivity, morale, and your bottom line but only if you are willing to invest time and effort into the process of building a team. IMBUE takes pride in providing highly intentional experiences that promote unity and cohesiveness.


Better By Design

Better By Design

Nothing is 'one size fits all,' ESPECIALLY in team development. IMBUE views Group Dynamics

as an art and will take the extra time to tailor an experience that is unique to your team and the goals you set.

This isn't just team building, it is intentional, experiential curriculum design.


Interactivity is key

Every experience we create has the intention to teach you something. It is your job to be part of it. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and do something you never expected.

Participate. Interact. Observe. Feel.


Make meaning of it

We did some activities, SO WHAT? These are all just silly activities unless we take the time to make meaning of them. What did you experience? What did you observe? How did you feel? It's important.

Inquire. Discuss.
Process. Discover.


take it with you

We refuse to waste your time! IMBUE is dedicated to finding practical ways to employ your learning in real time. We ensure your learning is sustainable beyond the time spent with us.

Realize. Embrace.
Mobilize. Actualize.


What We Offer

What We Offer

ropes Course

We bring challenge to you

Looking for the ultimate team challenge? We can bring the full effect of a Low Ropes Challenge Course to any venue, anywhere, anytime. IMBUE has enough equipment and experience for over 200 hours of team experiences varying in difficulty and activity level.


Learn your team's dynamics

Is your team interested in taking one of the many personality assessment inventories available? IMBUE is trained to interpret and facilitate workshops on the results of the most popular inventories including StrengthsQuest and DiSC Assessment.

Customized Workshops

Topics tailored to your team

Is your team in need of specialized training. Our a la carte workshops can be designed specifically for you, including:
    -  Effective Communication
    -  Conflict Management
    -  Public Speaking & Storytelling
    -  Many, many more...



Take your team next level

If it is time for that annual retreat and you are not sure how to maximize your time, look no further. Let IMBUE construct your schedule to ensure maximum impact and the best use of your time. These concentrated retreat experiences will help your team evolve to the next level. 


Ropes Course Facilitators

Trained Course Facilitators

Do you have a ropes course location in mind but they do not provide their own facilitation staff? IMBUE has a network of fully trained and vetted high and low element ropes course facilitators. We ensure the safe and proper use of any and all ropes course equipment.



Let us help you plan

Are you trying to put together a team building session and don't know how to make the most of your time? IMBUE provides consultation services for organizations looking to run an internal training. We can help put the right thing in the right order for the right impact.