Customized training

the training you need tailored to your team

If your team needs a workshop on a specific topic or area of concern, IMBUE has experience providing specialized training on a variety of topics. As with all of our training programs, these customized workshops are highly interactive, uniquely tailored to your group's learning goals, and intentionally designed to achieve your desired outcomes. Workshop topics include:

Effective Communication

Your personal brand of communication is a key to success. Being able to explore how to best communicate among your team can bring about new levels of productivity.

Conflict Management

All teams run into conflict from time to time. This workshop's purpose is to ensure your conflict does not have permanent repercussions for your organization.

Public Speaking & Storytelling

Public speaking an essential skill in many lines of work and one that should be developed. IMBUE fuses practical public speaking skills with storytelling for a truly unique workshop experience.

Values Assessment

Motivating a team becomes easier to manage when the team is aware of each others' core values. We help managers and teammates understand the impact of their values.

SWOT Analysis

An age old classic with a few new twists. IMBUE can help your team identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats during times of change or new ventures. 

Communication Management

Communication is an essential skill for any team. Our workshop techniques offer several ways to explore styles of communication and how to manage expectations.

Time Management

Time makes fools of us all. It can be challenging to ensure you are making the most of your team's time. This workshop discusses skills that will improve time bound productivity.

Ethical Leadership

Ethical decision making is a consistent challenge for organization leaders. This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to understand their own worldview and that of their teammates.

Transitional Leadership

When it is time to transition to new management, morale and productivity are the first casualties of change. This workshop bridges the gap between new leadership and the existing team.

Simulation Training

Using immersive simulation modules offers experiential understand of complex concepts. IMBUE offers the following simulation experiences:

- The Marshmallow Challenge™ - Collaboration Simulation
- BaFa BaFa™ - Diversity Cross Cultural Simulation
- Star Power™ - Diversity and Power Simulation
- Colourblind™ - Communication Simulation
- Cardboard Canoes - Team Effectiveness Simulation