Some of the best training comes from some of the best research on communication preferences and patterns of behavior. Some of this research has been modualized into easy to take assessment inventories that are available to any group looking for guidance. However, finding a facilitator to help make sense of your group's results can be challenging. Fortunately, IMBUE boasts qualified and certified trainers for the following inventory modules:


Strengths Quest

The StrengthsFinder Assessment is part of The Gallup Group's StrengthsQuest research into high level behavioral performance. Breaking down exceptional behavior into 34 easily identifiable 'strengths,' this module helps to determine what your group does best and how you can mobilize those talents.



The DiSC Assessment is used by many high performing organizations to help them identify the prevalence of different tendencies of group members. DiSC helps you to understand your tenancies toward dominance, influence, conscientiousness, and steadiness and how that will impact group performance.